The Art of Songwriting — Performer Magazine

by Darby Beck

It isn’t uncommon for fans of rock music to dream about being in a band or writing a hit song. It is, however, exceedingly uncommon for them to actually get a shot at making a career of it.

Enter Natalia Bortolotti, who has lived the life of a touring recording artist, and now has the opportunity to continue her career in the music industry, both in front of, and behind, the scenes.

Her former band, Hopechild, has shared the stage with the who’s who of music, from Barenaked Ladies to Matchbox 20. They’ve had their share of success, winning every major award, short of a Grammy. But, like so many bands, Hopechild eventually disbanded, and the members went their separate ways.

Normally, that would be the end of the story. But, for Natalia, that’s just the first chapter.

“I’m writing stronger songs today, than ever before,” Bortolotti said, “And I know I’ll just keep getting better.”

And, the awards keep coming. Her most recent is from VH1’s Song of the Year. “Your Only Other,” written by Bortolotti and her frequent collaborator Scott Smith, placed second in the pop category.

“I always strive to write a song that I’d want to hear, a song that moves me,” she said.

Natalia is currently working with a team of award-winning songwriters in Songfellowz, who have already placed many songs in film and TV, including “One Tree Hill” and “Joan of Arcadia.” She also teaches voice and songwriting at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco.

She hasn’t lost the performing bug, though. She continues to perform live with her new band, 9 Red Sun, which performs her new material, as well as some Hopechild classics.

Would she consider a return to the road?

“I would, if I got an offer I couldn’t refuse,” she said.

Let’s hope someone makes that offer, and soon, so that fans across the nation can experience this brilliant songwriter in their hometown.